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September 01, 2008


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Karen Estrada

There's already quite a buzz about this. The beta v. is only available for Windows ... (I thought it strange since its 'open access')... the reviews seem to be even pro/con/neutral. Next time I wander over to the Windows side of my MacBook, I'll download and check it out. (Sorry about the double post yesterday?)

Dennie Heye

Well, I downloaded it on the first day and ever since have been playing with it. It's fast, really fast. I almost think they finetuned Gmail and other Google apps for Chrome.
The best thing is the way how this is another step of having web apps seen as normal apps. You click on the Gmail icon on your desktop, Chrome opens superfast and you're e-mailing. Huh, starting up Outlook takes 3x as long...

Disadvantage so far is the lack of plugins, which I use a lot in FF2 and FF3. But surely that will come over time.


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