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September 15, 2007


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I'm glad you like the concept behind Intelways. The search tool we've developed, Zuula
(http://www.zuula.com) is similar, but it doesn't use frames the way that Intelways (and others like it) do.

Instead, Zuula presents results from a wide range of different search engines, but with each search engine's results organized under a tab. More importantly, the results are presented in a consistent format, which makes searching a bit easier. And your position (page number) at each search engine is maintained when you go from one tab to another within a search type (say, web search).

Even better, you can "drag and drop" the search engine tabs so that the default tab for each search type is your own personal favorite in that category. Say, Google for web search, Yahoo for image search, Technorati for blog search, and so on.

If you give it a try and have any feedback for us, feel free to forward it along to me. We'd love to hear your impressions.


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